• Paul Fothergil

  • Head of Fitness

Paul was co-founder of Energize back in 2000 and is now Head of Fitness at Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club. “Fitness is about balance, so balancing clients training around their lives is the secret to a successful training regime.” For fifteen years Paul has delivered results using all types of training from simple running miles to the latest developments in exercise science. He believes that exercise science. He believes that exercise should be part of everybodys life but one size does not fit all and learning what works for each individual is the exciting part!

Paul can be contacted on 07825665794.

  • Brendon Turner

  • Personal Trainer

Over the past 15 years Brendon has guided and motivated many people to achieve their weight loss, strength and fitness related goals. His passion for fitness has its origins in his football experience at West Bromwich Albion and Kidderminster Harriers. Since those early days Brendon has declared himself a student of health and fitness  and has dedicated his time to identifying fun, specific and effective training and diet techniques to help his clients stay motivated and challenged.

“My goal is to teach people how to take control of their health through exercise and nutrition. Many years of experience and training have helped me to develop a range of practical and productive exercise and diet strategies to help people achieve their goals. It sounds dramatic but people don’t realise how quickly their appearance and the way they feel can be improved with a few dietary tweaks, some specific exercise and a little motivation.”

He can be contacted on 07854006529

  • Reece Smith

  • Personal Trainer

Reece is highly qualified and extremely motivated to work with you to change your lifestyle and deliver the fitness results you are looking for. He designs personalised and goal-orientated training programmes to meet your individual needs. Whether it is a delivery of exercise prescriptions for people with health conditions, those who are new to fitness and exercise, or trained athletes, he will use his in-depth knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and the latest techniques to get the optimum results for you.

He will use a wide variety of techniques to keep you stimulated and make sure you achieve noticeable results.

As a Register of Exercise Professionals accredited advanced fitness instructor your fitness and health is his priority. He prides himself on going that extra mile for you through encouragement, guidance and motivation- seeing you reach your agreed achievable goals is his measurement of success, and a measurement of your commitment. “Together we will succeed… thats guaranteed!”

He can be contacted on 07500338232.

  • Billy Hughes

  • Personal Trainer

Over the past year Billy has shown a very keen and positive team attitude towards his role as a Personal Trainer.

Billy’s passion for fitness is evident in his enthusiasm in developing his knowledge and experience of fitness in terms of the latest training and diet techniques. As a young trainer he is still learning and building on his experience which he is keen to put into practice. His commitment to fitness means he will encourage guide and motivate you achieving your personal goal.

He can be contacted on 07585604465.