Every point are the racquets coaching team that deliver the Racketball, Tennis and Squash programmes at Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis and Squash Club. Every Point coaching is about every shot you hit, every point you play, every second that you are on the court, every step you take & every point! The Every Point team consists of 5 highly qualified professional tennis coaches and an apprentice studying towards his level 3 coaching qualification. The Every Point team have been part of WLTSC since 2012. Since being part of the club they have made drastic improvements to the rackets programme and are always actively looking for ways to improve further.

  • Paul Hodgetts

  • Head Coach

Paul has 13 years experience working in many different areas of tennis, and over this time he has developed a wide range of skills that enable him to work in all aspects of the club tennis programme. Paul’s main interest is working with players of all ages and abilities on a one to one basis to help achieve their goals. Paul has played junior and senior county tennis for Staffordshire, and as a junior he reached county level in both squash and badminton. He can be reached on 07966315211. Current Coaching Rates £25 (60 minutes) £19 (45 minutes) £13 (30 minutes)

  • Amber Quick

  • Club Development Coach

Amber has been coaching for nine years now. She specialises in mini tennis and adult development players but is involved in all areas of the programme. Tennis has always been a passion of Ambers and she has played the game since the age of five. She has represented the county at both junior and senior level. She is also the clubs ladies first team captain. Her goal is to bring passion to the player so they can realise their full potential. Whether you are a beginner playing or an advanced competitive player she can help you to reach your goals. You’re never too old or too young to start playing the game. She can be reached on 07841 656997 Current Coaching Rates £17 (60 minutes) £13 (45 minutes) £9 (30 minutes)

  • Nick Morris

  • Tournaments Coordinator

Nick is a highly motivated and energetic tennis coach, who works in all areas of the program. Nick delivers high intensity sessions, which can be combined with great technical analysis of all the strokes. Nick has played for the county at junior and men‚ level with an LTA rating of 4.2. He is the clubs junior competition organiser, with the aim of getting people competing more often. With nearly 10 years of experience Nick is the clubs racket re-stringer, for which he holds the ERSA certified stringer award.He can be contacted on 07811 119608 Current Coaching Rates £20 (60 minutes) £15 (45 minutes) £10 (30 minutes)

  • Simon Bird

  • Performance Coach

Simon is the head of under 10 Performance at the club and is an LTA Level 5 licenced coach. He has been coaching for a long time and has worked with all standards, ages and in many different environment. He still enjoys coaching enormously and currently works within all aspects of the Every Point programme. A senior Shropshire player Simon coaches to national Standard performance. He can be reached on 07890 583724. Current Coaching Rates £25 (60 minutes) £19 (45 minutes) £13 (30 minutes)

  • Jo Webb

  • Outreach Coach

Jo is extremely passionate about tennis with a career change into coaching in 2009, she loves watching and playing the game with her philosophy of believe in yourself, encourage, enjoy, have aspirations and determination, hit lots of balls get them in court and the wins will follow. Jo can be reached on 07776282520. Current Coaching Rates £15 (60 minutes) £11 (45 minutes) £8 (30 minutes)

  • Gregg Spooner

  • Tennis Apprentice

Gregg has recently finished A-Levels and could not miss the opportunity the club offered him to be the first ever Every Point Apprentice. Before taking this role Gregg played tennis for both his school and the club. He also worked as an assistant to the coaches. He played first team for his school for four years and plays to a 6.2 standard. Gregg enjoys playing and coaching all ages and abilities. He hopes to improve his fitness and match play confidence. Gregg can be contacted on 07824347345.