We have launched an online booking system for squash, racketball and indoor tennis courts.



The proven software developed by MyCourts is already running in over 30 Clubs in the UK. The basic software is standard throughout all applications but is has been possible to tailor the system so that it mirrors our current booking rules for indoor tennis and squash/racketball courts.

Squash Courts 1 and 2 will remain as stand and wait and court 3 will be bookable but only on the day in question. There will be no booking charge but 50p will still be required for the light meter.

Indoor tennis courts 1 and 2 are bookable 14 days in advance and court 3, seven days. The cost remains the same but can now be booked in half hour slots.

You will be able to book online, at a touch screen kiosk by the courts, via your smart phone or by using a computer.

To do so you will be issued with a unique password and pin number that will allow you to buy credits for your account. This can be done by voucher (from the Shop or Bar in £5 multiples) or directly online via Paypal (£10 multiples).

To see more go to http://wltsc.mycourts.co.uk

We welcome your feedback once you’re familiar with the system.