Our professional stringing service is provided by Nicholas Morris and Darren Lewis. Nick is a ERSA certified stringer and has been stringing for 10 years. Darren can rejuvinate your squash or racketball racket and turn an average frame into a high performing racket with the correct choice of strings and tension.

Don’t let loose strings spoil your tennis serve – to keep an even tension, it’s recommended that you restring your racket once a year if you play once a week and every six months if you play twice a week.

Routine re-grips of your racket on a monthly basis are advised for over grips, and always when they start showing signs of wear. Tiny movements of the handle in your hand on contact can make a major difference to the accuracy of a shot.

Rackets can be restrung in 48 hours and sometimes while you wait, pop into reception for more advice and to book your racket in for a tune up.