Every Point Tennis Mix In

A coach run session for intermediate to advanced players, players are organised into doubles fours to play matches for a period of time, then rotated into different groups so you play against different players. Great way to meet new people and practice your doubles. Tennis Mix-In is on a Monday at 6:30pm & Saturday at 2pm.

Every Point Rusty Rackets

A fun introduction to tennis, the club and the Every Point coaching team. This session runs with lots of drills and simple coaching tips. A great way to play regularly, learn the basics and meet like minded members. Rusty Rackets is on a Tuesday at 12pm, Wednesday at 7pm and Friday at 7pm.

Every Point Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis


Cardio Tennis is for anyone who wants to work on their fitness regardless of whether they play tennis or not. It does not require any tennis skills but is all about keeping your heart rate up and burning calories on the tennis court. Great for footwork and great for fitness!

Cardio tennis is on a Friday at 8am and Sunday at 10:15am.

Every Point Team Training

Team Training is for any player in the club who is working at team level or wants to improve and work their way up to a team. In this you will get to do some doubles specific drills e.g. volleying so it is all done to work on improving your doubles. Also you will play some sets with a variety of people to help develop match play. This session takes place on a Tuesday night outdoors and players meet in the Pavilion at 6:30pm.

Tots Tennis

Monday 14:00 – 14:30
Wednesday 14:00 – 14:30
Friday 09:30 – 10:00

Ladies Tennis

Ladies practice is on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning and it consists of some doubles drills to work on women‚ overall game, its specifically aimed at doubles so lots of volley drills and net play. After the drills they do some match play to work on their overall game in both doubles and singles. Coach will advise which session to attend and there is a termly fee.