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France is one of Europe’s largest countries. It is bordered by Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.The country is considered to be the gateway to Europe as there are several large international airports, ferry terminals and the French rail service.

France is a country that has always attracted Nepalese students. Similarly It is  among their first choice when considering an education abroad. France has captured the imagination of many youngsters. It has always been a popular tourist destination with its unparalleled wine, food and the amazing natural beauty. According to the United Nations, it is the most popular tourist destination in the world.In addition to it is also a place of learning and education. Higher education in France is one of the most alluring aspects of its popularity.

France colleges and Universities cater education in all aspects of life from literature to sciences.They offer plenty of English-taught degree options for Master’s and Bachelor’s students all over the world.


The following are some of the unique features that seem to attract Nepalese (Nepali) students from Nepal when they think of quality education.

  • Top Ranked Universities worldwide recognition
  • Quality higher education adapted to students’ needs
  • French lifestyle: Paris is the #1 student city! (QS Best Student Cities, 2014)
  • France is a world-class economic power
  • France is home to leading international corporations: Airbus, Total, Orange, LVMH, L’Oréal, Danone…
  • Young talent is valued in innovation and entrepreneurship sectors
  • Outstanding research and development opportunities
  • French is the third most common business language
  • 9 out of 10 international students recommend France as a study destination (Baromètre Campus France, 2013
  • Attractive tuition rates in France
  • A pleasant, fulfilling living environment in the heart of Europe


  • Easy admission procedure.
  • Schengen Country
  • Quick offer letters
  • Can study without Ielts
  • Top Ranked Universities
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Hassle free documentation and high visa success rate.
  • 20 hours Part time Job Allowed
  • Scholarship Available
  • 3 yrs Bachelor’s degree can directly apply for Master’s program