Study in Japan

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Japan is an incredibly diverse country with an education system that rivals the West in terms of quality and research output. Not only is Japan highly developed in technological and educational terms, it’s also a beautiful, vibrant country that anyone would enjoy living in.

Japan is one of the World’s most exciting countries and has created a good reputation in the world of education and now it is regarded as the most ideal country for higher education. It has the third largest budget in the world in research and development and is education friendly country that provides education in every possible manner without discrimination of caste and creeds.

The Japanese education system is incredibly advanced, and the government is focused on encouraging high-quality higher education for everyone; foreign students and nationals alike Nepal.

There are many good reasons to study in Japan.  Japan’s high educational standards attracts Some students ,while for others the attraction is Japan’s rich cultural heritage


We conduct Japanese classes at our Student’s place by deputing Native Japanese Teachers and accommodate a maximum of 15 students per batch,so that best individual attention can be given.

Crash Courses too are conducted for spoken Japanese to help Business people learn to speak Japanese through Native Japanese Teachers in a very short time.


Reasons Why Studying Abroad In Japan Is The Best for Nepalese Students :

  • World-class education System.
  • Low cost studying & living.
  • Experience the Japanese culture, food, and the four seasons.
  • Booming Japanese economy.
  • Safe and clean environment.
  • Employment opportunities.
  • 28 Hours part-time work allowed
  • Generous Scholarships Schemes


  • NAT/JLPT optional
  • Education Gap up to 5 years can apply
  • Pay tuition fee after COE
  • High Visa Success Rate
  • Part time Job support  assistance
  • Hassle free documentation
  • World-wide recognized Degree